Do you know who has access to personal data in your company?

The new personal data regulation requires that you log who sees personal information in your company. We have made that process simple, so you can focus on other things.

Save time and money

One plug-in monitors personal data for your entire IBM Notes environment. It saves you time and money.

Central configuration

Central configuration ensures a simple overview on the monitoring of personal data in your entire IBM Notes environment.

Ongoing updates

We constantly update our solutions to ensure that they work on both older and newer platforms.

Created with love

We are passionate about Notes / Domino and has more than 20 years of experience in creating intelligent software.


Flexible personal data logger that monitors and delivers the logged information where ever you choose.

Encrypted data

All registration and logging is wrapped with strong encryption and ensured against manipulation.

Screenshots from GDPR Logger for IBM Notes

Simple personal data logging which public authorities have used for years.

Public authorities have used our GDPR Logger for years to monitor who accesses personal data.

Our solution is used in those municipalities and government organisations that store personal data in IBM Notes. 



The GDPR Logger team

We live and breathe for intelligent software – everyone of us. With each of our contributing skillset we create a complete team. From Christian who gets the ideas over John and Kuno who can develop anything to Tom who knows all about customer contracts.

Christian Gravgaard

CEO & Product Owner

Christian is the man with the ideas and the architect behind the GDPR Logger. From the beginning the GDPR Logger is designed by Christian who continually devices smart new features that ensures the solution is cutting edge software.

John Petersen

Senior lead developer

John is the developer behind the GDPR Logger and has been a part of the team form the beginning where he developed the engine. John is a true wizard that can create all the features our IT Architect thinks up.

Kuno Vistrup

Software developer

Kuno develops the UI parts of the GDPR Logger and ensure that everything is presentable. With his usual patentability he helps to ensure that the GDPR Logger looks as it should.

Tom Jonsen

Board member and sales

The always happy Tom is, apart from being a member of the board, the man that creates our partner canal. Tom is a master of Excel and always up for a cup of coffee to create some business.

Stay tuned in for news

Would you like to know when we create new versions and new solutions?

We are continuously developing our GDPR Logger solutions with new intelligent features to make it easier for you.

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Key functions

GDPR Logger for Notes & Domino ensures that you are ready when the new Personal Data Regulation becomes enforceable.

Registering behaviour

The GDPR Logger registers who reads, writes and deletes information across your entire Notes / Domino environment.

Check on failed logins

The GDPR Logger registers and logs all failed logins from the web and alerts you.

Registering free text searches

The GDPR Logger registers and logs all free text searches

Full encryption

Ensures all registrations with encryption and tamper-proofing, so you know that the data is valid.

Universal format

The GDPR Logger logs all information to a universal format, that can be loaded in other security systems.

Simple license policy

The GDPR Logger has a simple and manageable licence policy no matter how much data is being monitored.

GDPR Logger for Notes Domino and Windows

What are you waiting for?

Try the GDPR Logger for IBM Notes today


Secure your IBM Notes platform today - Then it is taken care of. 

The GDPR Logger for IBM Notes will solve your challenges with securing the personal data you have in Notes. It is quick, simple and thought through. 

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