GDPR Logger for IBM Notes version 1.2

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GDPR Logger for IBM Notes is out now in version 1.2. In this sprint we have focused on performance tuning and graphical design of the configuration database. 

In connection with the new General Data Protection Regulation, which becomes enforceable 25 May 2018, we have chosen to rename our well-known product, Notes Logger, to GDPR Logger for IBM Notes. Because this is precisely what it does. It registers all use of the IBM Notes platform, regardless if you use Notes Client, an internet/Web portal or e.g. Traveler.

In version 1.2 we have focus on performance tuning the GDPR Logger, so it has the smallest possible resource pull on a Domino installation.

How to upgrade our GDPR Logger for IBM Notes

To upgrade your preivous version of Notes Logger to the new GDPR Logger for IBM Notes, you can call us on +45 70 230 248 or e-mail us at [email protected].

You can either have the update sent to you directly or have us assist you with it. When you update, you will need to have your license file updated as well, which our support team can assist you with in no time. The update contains both GDPR Logger for 32 and 64 bits as well as our new Notes configuration database template.

Next release

GDPR logger version 1.3 is expected to be released 15 January 2018 and will be a security update.

If you have any feature requests for our GDPR Logger for IBM Notes, please contacts us at [email protected]. We will then contact you to mere more about your request.

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