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GDPR Logger for IBM Notes version 1.3 out now - GDPR Logger

GDPR Logger for IBM Notes version 1.3 out now

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GDPR Logger for IBM Notes version 1.3 is a small, but important update. It contains both encryption and security against tampering with log files.

In this version we are encrypting the generated log files. The reason we chose to address this issue was really good input from one of our business partners. They ask a question, we had yet to ask ourselves: “How do you secure the files that contain log information?”. This was a very good question, which ending up becoming a part of the features in version 1.3.

Encryption and security against log file tempering

From this version and forwards all the log files generated by the GDPR logger are encrypted and secured against unauthorised alterations. We have done this to ensure that the files cannot be altered by neither external nor internal forces without the customer’s knowledge and authorisation.

We have also added the possibility of collecting all log files on a specific location, regardless of where your Domino servers are located. You can either store the encrypted log files for later use or store them unencrypted. With this feature, they can also be directly added to our new statistics database, where data is decrypted on the way into the database. That way, unencrypted log files will not be transfer to a disk, you don’t want it stored on.

This solution is particularly useful in Domino environments that have servers on multiple locations and countries. With this solution you will automatically gather all logs from all server, quickly and efficiently.

How to get the new version

If you would like to test our GDPR Logger for IBM Notes or want to be upgraded, you can give us a call on +45 70 230 248 or contact us via support@gravgaard-partners.dk where our support team will be standing by to assist you with a trial license or help you get upgraded.

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