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Get a handle on personal data with GDPR Logger for Domino

Get a handle on personal data with GDPR Logger for Domino

On May 25, 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect. With it comes a host of new rules about how companies, organisations and public authorities must handle personal data in the future.

The Personal Data Regulation applies to all companies that handle EU citizens’ personal data. It also involves companies outside the EU that offer goods or services to EU citizens.

Get a handle on the company’s personal data 

As a company you must know who in your organisation has access to personal data and you must be able to document and report which personal data has been accessed.

It is just CPR numbers. Personal data also means genetic, mental, cultural, economic and social information. It can also be sensitive personal data about, for example, political attitudes, membership of professional organisations and sexual orientation.

Violation of the new guidelines in the Personal Data Regulation can have major consequences. Fines may be fined up to 20 million Euro, which may be issued for infringements back in time until 25 May 2018.

Install GDPR Logger for IBM Notes and comply with the law on the same day 

Gravgaard & Partners has as some of the first on the Danish marked develop a complete solution for IBM Notes, called GDPR Logger.

”It is a central standard component that registers all actions – ie. when a user reads, writes, updates, searches or deletes data. Our GDPR Logger for IBM Notes has been in use since 2013 in both private companies and the public authorities,” says Christian Gravgaard, CEO of Gravgaard & Partners.

GDPR Logger for IBM Notes makes it possible to log employees’ use of personal data centrally on the company’s Notes platform. This means that you as a company avoid having to adapt all your Notes applications.

It’s easy and takes only one hour to install GDPR Logger on your current Notes platform. After restarting the server, registration of all personal data will be active. Then trusted employees can access and search all logged data simply and easily.

GDPR Logger for IBM Notes can:

• register and log all reading, writing, updating and deletion
• register and log all free text searches and results
• register and log all failed logins
• register who does what and when
• log all information to a universal format
• examine and report all logged information across servers

As a company, you can also control which personal data you want to log centrally. This means that you can p customise which Notes databases you want to log on and which data you want to keep an eye on.

Read more about the GDPR Logger for IBM Notes in the complete specification  [link til PDF/underside]

How to access the GDPR Logger
Get started right away by contacting your own IBM Business Partner. It is also possible to order the solution by contacting Gravgaard & Partners on +45 70 230 248 or by e-mail salg@gravgaard-partners.dk.

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