A new sprint for GDPR Logger commences with version 1.4

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Today is one of those days that we have been looking forward to. Today we commence a new sprint of the development of GDPR Logger for IBM Notes. The version will be called version 1.4. In this sprint we have chosen to focus on supporting more operation systems.

As always, the sprint starts with the team getting together and evaluating both customer and internal feature requests.

In this and the next sprint, we will be focusing on supporting additional operation system, so we can offer our solution to all operation system, that are supported by IBM Domino, including AIX and AS/400.

The challenge with AIX and AS/400 is that it is not possible for us to simulate. We need access to a physical AIX or AS/400. We have been granted access to a AS/400 and are currently looking for access to an AIX. If you have an AIX, you would be willing to make available, we would very much like to hear from you.

Better business for our customers

Our aim is improve business for those of our customers, that use our GDPR Logger as part of their white label solution.

This is why we are creating features, where you can use the registered data live in the Notes/Web application you are offering your customers. Among other things we are creating a feature that will enable updating documents in real time with reading and writing. This enables you to present the customers with information about who has has for example read a certain document.

We also focus on speed and security – Which is why we have a fixed point on our list about optimising logging. This is to ensure that GDPR for IBM Notes only has a very small performance impact on the server.

As always we offer our customers the opportunity to request new features in our products. If you have a request, you can either contact us directly or via your business partner.

The release date for this sprint is planned for 2. april 2018, where we will make version 1.4 available for our customers and business partners. If you would like to know more about becoming a business partner or how you can try GDPR Logger for IBM Notes, contact us via [email protected] or give us a call on +45 70 230 248.


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